new project

Galeria das Artes * Edificio Veneza

São Paulo



Featured Artists:


Fabiana Faleiros

Kinki Texas

Olga Robayo

Veronica Schumacher

Ole Wulfers


Swann Schilling

Anja Fussbach

dilettantin produktionsbüro

Tobias Lange

Silke Toss

Marion Bösen

Jessica Findley

Leandro Cardoso

Manfred Kirschner

Claudia Medeiros

Stefan Demming

Elianna Renner

Hank Bobbit





3 Responses to “opening”

  1. Hank Says:

    Great new project, looking forward to working together!

  2. coletivo1 Says:

    me too Hank!

  3. artemanagement Says:
    my new blog!

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